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Barangay Officials

Health workers
Nutritions scholar SONIA O. LACASANDILE
Day Care worker
  • ERNESTO Q. OCCASION    –   Chief Tanod

Barangay:          MALACAÑANG Municipality/City:      TAGUDIN
Province :           ILOCOS SUR Region:    1 1
    A.  Nature of Existence
1. Legal Basis of Creation : ___________________________    dated ___________
2.  Date of Plebiscite/Ratification: _____________________________________________ ____________________________________
3. Mother Barangay/s : _____________________________________________________ ____________________________________
4. Old Name, if renamed : __________________________________________
    B. Type of Barangay
___/__ Urban      _______ Rural       _____  Tribal
Geographical Location (Boundaries):
East San Miguel
West Del Pilar
North Lacong
South Salvacion
    C. Total Land Area :
Land Area in Square Kilometers Land Area in Hectare % to Total Land Area
0.054889 5.48889 1%
    D. Distance from :
1.  Poblacion : .5 km
2. Provincial Capital : 90.5 Km
3. National Highway : .2 Km
     E.  Terrain Characteristics
Type 0-25% 26-50% 51-75% 76-100%
1. Urban-Coastal
2. Urban-Landlocked /
    F. Distribution of land by use
Type of Use Land Area (Sq. Kilometers) Land Area( Hectares) % to Total
1. Agricultural 3.702 2.7806 60.70%
2. Aquatic
3. Residential 1.6272 1.6589 30.20%
4. Commercial
5. Forest
6. Idle Lands 0.1597 0.5007 9.12%
   G. Population Data
1. Population (2016  RBI Census) Male Female Total
Children 0-5 years old 20 23 43
Children 6-12 years old 25 32 57
Children 13-17 years old 32 21 53
Adult 18-35 years old 67 61 128
Adult 36-50 years old 46 32 78
Adult 51-65 years old 23 31 54
Adult 66 and above 13 29 42
226 229 455
   H. Household Data
Number of Households Percentage to Total Population
RBI (as of June 2014
RBI (as of jun.31, 20136                                     99 21.75%
   I. Religion
Religion Percentage to Total Population
1. Roman Catholic                                           454 99.78%
2. Iglesia ni Cristo                                           None
3. Islam
4. Others: Specify 7th Day Adventist                    1 o.22%
   J. Language/Dialects Predominantly Spoken
Language/Dialect Language/Dialect Predominantly Spoken
1. English /
2. Tagalog /
3. Bicolano /
4. Ilocano /
5. Other dialects : Ilongo, Visaya, Cebuano /
   K. Ethnic Groups
Ethnic Groups Number Percentage to Total Population
1. Aeta
2. Lumad
3. Tasaday N/A
4. Maranao
5. Badjao
6. Tausug
7. Others, specify:
   A. Health and Nutrition (Percentage of malnourished children by age group land by degree
of manlnutrtion)
Age Group Total Population (2016) Number and Percentage of Malnourished
First Degree Second Degree Third Degree
No. % No. % No. %
0-11 mos 3 0 0 0 0 0
1-4 years 34 2 5.88% 1 2.94% 0
5-under 7 years 24
TOTAL 61 2 3.28% 1 1.64%
   B. Education
Type Number
Public Private Total
a. Pre-school/Day Care 5 0 5
b. Primary/Elementary 50 6 56
c. Secondary/HighSchool 32 11 43
d. Vocational/Technical
e. College/University 7 7 14
f. Others
g. None
   C.  Housing
a. Kinds of Shelter (As of 2013)
Types Number
a. Permanent(concrete, woods, and G.I. sheets) 20
b. Semi-permanent (woods and G.I. sheets) 38
c. Temporary (bamboo, sawali and nipa/cogon) 22
b. Sources of Potable Water
Source of Water Number No. of Household Served Percent
1. Piped/Tubed/Level III
2. Deep Well 5 5 5.74%
3. Open/Dug Well
4. Rain
5. Surface (lakes, spring, river, spring)
6. Other sources: Brgy. Water Sys. 2 82 94.25%
c. Sources of Lighting
Source No. of Household Served Percent
1. Electricity 97 100%
2. kerosene
3. LPG
4. Solar
5. Others (specify)
d. Toilet Facilities
Type No. of Household Served Using the Toilet Percent
1. Modern Type (Commercial bowls) 2 2.33%
2. Water Sealed 95 97.70%
3. Pit Type
4. None
.G. Health Facilities and Services
Type Number Served
1. Hospital
2. Health Center 1 455
3. Dental Clinic
4. Medical Mission
5. Others (specify)
H. Sports and Recreational Facilities
Type Number Served
1. Covered Courts
2. Gyms
3. Basketball courts 1 all Youths
4. Parks
5. Others (specify)
Activity Describe Indigenous Practice
1. Settlement of Disputes Filling of complaint to the Office of the Barangay Captain . Then Summon is being  serve to
the respondent & Notice to the complainant for mediation . If in case the two parties  dit not
settled amicably then the case maybe filed at the offce of the Lupong Tagapamayapa/
tagpagkasundo for conciallation.
2. Wedding Celebration As was practiced by old folks usually 2 days celebration. During the eve of the wedding day they
conducted dance party & giving gifts to the bride & groom .the following day is the church wedding
officiated byPreist/Pastor after that the newly wed couple together with their sponsors,relative
and friends will proceed to the venue of their reception.
3. Fiesta Thanks Giving Mass, Basketball Tournamemt, Parlor Games & Kaunting Salo-salo
4. Baptism Parents & Godparens will under go seminars for 3 sessions initiated by Gimong Leaders before
scheduling the date of christening the child
5. Burial  During the Interment Barangay Tanods escorted the coffin of the deceased to the Church up to
to the cemetery.
   A. Employment Data
Locally Employed : __________________________________ 69
Self-Employed : _____________________________________ 59
Employed Overseas : ______________________________________ 26
Total Number of Employed Residents : _________________________________ 154
Total Number of Unemployed Residents :__________________________________ 81
Profession/Vocation Number Non-Employed Employed
1. Doctors 1 1
2. Engineers 0
3. Nurses 2 1 1
4. Teachers 4 4
5. OFW 26 26
6. Skilled Workers, specify
              Carpenter 6 6
Major Sources of Livelihood  (e.g. farming, fishing, employment, business)
Rank : 1. _________________________________________________________ Farming
            2. _________________________________________________________ Employment
            3. _________________________________________________________ Business
Major Locally Produced Products/Raw Materials
1 Palay
2 Vegetables
3 ______________________________________________________________________
   B. Distribution of Establishments by major economic sector
1. Agricultural Establishment
Type Number
a. Poultry/Livestock Farms
b. Nurseries/Flower growing
c. Breeding Stations
d. Fishponds/Fishpens
e. Oyster/Mussel Farms
f. Orchards/Vineyards
g. Vegetable Farms
h. Others (specify)
2. Commercial Establishment
Type Number
a. Sari-Sari Stores 5
b. Supermarkets
c. Groceries/Dry Goods Stores
d. Banks and Financial/Lending
e. Auto Supply Stores
f. Distributors, Dealers of Various Products
g. Gasoline Stations
h. Photo and Record Shops
i. Hospital/Clinic
j. Jewelry Stores
k. Pawnshops
l. General Services/Contractors
m. Beauty Parlors and Barber Shops
n. Fitness Gyms
o. Restaurants
p. Insurance/Dealer in Securities
q. Furniture Stores
r. Livestock and Poultry Supply Stores
s. Hardware
t. General Services/Contractors
u. Beauty Parlors and Barber Shops
v. Fitness Gyms
w. Restaurants
x. Insurance/Dealer in Securities
y. Furniture Stores
z. Livestock and Poultry Supply Stores
aa. Videoke Shops
bb. Internet café shops
3. Industrial/Manufacturing Establishments
Type Number
a. Handicraft
b. Metalcraft
c. Furniture
d. Garments
e. Ceramics
f. Food Processing
g. Mining and Quarrying
h. Factories
i. Rice/Flour/Corn Mills
         1. Transport Facilities and Services
a.) Bridge in meter by Administrative Level
Type Administrative Level by Linear Meter Total Operational or Non-operational
National City/Mun Barangay
a. Steel N/A
b. Wooden N/A
c. Hanging N/A
b) Road Network in Kilometers by surface type and by administrative level
Type Administrative Level by Meter Total Condition (Good or Needs Repair)
National City/Mun Barangay
a. Concrete Road 1,2 & 3 0.63 Km good
b. Asphalt
c. Gravel
d. Earthfill Pathway (Lipit) 0.17 Km Needs repair
 TOTAL 0.8 Km
c) Means of Transportation (Pls. check)
Bus/Van / Pedicab /
Jeepney Cart
Taxi Others
Tricycle /
      2. Communication Services (Pls. check)
Type If not present, state distance to the nearest service
Telephone .2 km
Cellular Networks/Sites .7 km
Internet .3 km
Postal Services .5 km
Telegraph .5 km
Other (pls. specify)
         A. Political Awareness
1. Registered Voters
Electoral Data 2010 COMELEC Data 2016COMELEC Data
1. Registered Voters 297
2. Number of Voters Actually Voted 263
2. Political Affiliaton
Local Chief Executive Political Affiliation
1. Mayor LP
2. Punong Barangay LP
3. Influential NGOs/Leaders
Infuential NGOs/Leaders Name Party Affiliation
1. Leader
2. NGOs Ma. Concepcion L. Villapaña RIC
3. Others, specify Corazon L. Espiritu Senior Citizens Association
        B. Barangay Government and Administration
1. Fiscal Capability
             a.  Income of the Barangay from Regular Sources
Sources of Income Amount
FY 2013 FY 2014 FY 2015
A. Internal
    1. Revenue from Tax Ordinances
    2. Barangay Fees and Charges 20,875.00 7,020.00 11,229.00
    3. Others (Donations/Fund Raising)
B. External
   1. Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) 7,570,929.00 845,231.00 960,670.00
   2. Real Property Tax Share 2,659.60 4,212.95 2,615.79
   3. Share from Sand, Gravel and other Quarry Resources
   4. Community Tax Share 1,651.10 2,376.60 2,684.60
   5. Proceeds from the Development and Utilization of Nat’l Wealth
   6. Annual Contributions to Barangay
          a. City/Municipalilty        1,000.00             1,000.00
          b. Provincial 1,000.00 2,000.00 1,000.00
   7. Others (specify) Interest Income 1,484,025.00 811.77 431.44
              b. Actual Expenditures
Expenses Amount
FY 2013 FY 2014 FY 2015
1. Personal Services 517,281.75 537,300.50 572,000.00
2. Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses 131,740.99 253,931.07 177,005.33
3. Capital Outlay
                TOTAL 649,022.74 791,231.57 749005.33
2. Faciltities owned and/or operated by the Barangay Government as of CY 2016 (pls check)
Facilities Pls. Check if present
a. Barangay Hall/Center /
b. Barangay Health Center /
c. Day Care Center /
d. Barangay Reading Center /
e. Gabay sa Mamamayan Aksyon Center /
f. Multipurpose Hall/Pavement
g. Market/Talipapa
h. Playground
i. Others
1.  Priority Projects
Priority No. Project Title Brief Description
1 Rip-rapping /Stone Masonry Establishment of Mini Park
of Government hill
2. Existing/On-going  Projects
Project Brief Description Project Cost
1. Improvement of Multi- purpose Hall MPH                                             35,000.00
2. Improvement of Covered Court BRGY. PLAZA COURT                                             35,000.00
3. Improvement of Day Care Center RE-PAINTING OF WALLS                                              9,000.00
4.Improvement of Gulayan ng Barangay GULAYAN NG BARANGAY                                             18,228.80

Hundred years ago, before the World War II started, in the town of Tagudin, (“Tagud, original name”) is well known in the Northern part of Luzon especially in the highlands of Montaniosa known as Mounta in provinces. On these days, the people of Tagudin have good standards of living because of the fertile ricefields and food from the sea. At that time, Tagudin was the center of trade, barter and business especially the products coming from the mountain like those coming from the mines especially chromite which is transported to the other countries abroad. That chromite is shipped from Tagudin to another countries wherein Farola was the shipping part or “FILMAG” as the business.

                Because of this engagement of business here and abroad, the Tiniente del Barrio (Brgy. Captain) Leoncio Limon thought of asking the permission from Municipal Government to make as “Apitollo” a part of Government Hill which is located in Malacañang, through the support of the Municipal Officials headed by Municipal Mayor Jose V. Bunoan Jr.. This proposal was unluckily disapproved or not carried out in the Provincial Government, so it was not push through in the municipal government.

                 “SUKNOB” was the original name of MALACAÑANG. Before Malacañang was very wide because it’s area includes the eastern parts of Tagudin church and Town Plaza (now Barangay Rizal and Barangay Del Pilar until the eastern part of Malacañang today.

                  During the term of Tiniente Del Barrio Leoncio Limon when they failed to make the Government Hill as “Capitollo” they thought of changing the name of the Barangay “SUKNOB” into Barangay Malacañang. Through a barangay Referendum, the barangay folks elected “MALACAÑANG” as the Barangay Malacañang.

                   The old wide Malacañang became a small barangay when Municipal Council Romeo Villanueva requested and told the Municipal Government that Poblacion had a very small area than that of Malacañang. So, he recommended that Poblacion should occupy a wider part in the Town proper. So then, this recommendation was in the Municipal Government that now a days the other part of the old Malacañang become Del Pilar and Rizal District.

                    Until these days, many Tagudinians and other places are very much surprised and puzzled in their minds “Why the eastern part of Tagudin was originally named MALACAÑANG.