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Barangay Officials

Chairman Rolando L. Lacasandile

Barangay Kagawad          Brenda L. Lacasandile

Barangay Kagawad          Arsenio L. Lite, Jr.

Barangay Kagawad          William L. Leti

Barangay Kagawad          Rey G. Lacasandile

Barangay Kagawad          Dolores H. Lucero

Barangay Kagawad          Teresa Q. Lacasandile

Barangay Kagawad        Alex B. Pulanco

Secretary Marilet L. Pulanco
Treasurer Lucresia L. Lacasandile
Health workers
Nutritions scholar
Day Care worker
  1. Manolito L. Lacasandile – Chief Tanod
  2. Ronnie R. Frigillana
  3. Jose L. Lacasandile
  4. Recto L. Visario
  5. Jaime E. Lacasandile


We envision our Barangay to be Progressive Community, Productive, Prosperous, Peaceful and Clean. Where People are participative and are united, empowered God created and self-reliant leader by transparent, sincere, active and responsive Barangay Officials.


 The pursuit of our mission we accredit our self-promote equal justice sustainable living and general welfare for all people and the barangay through our effort commitment and good governance.



  1. Total Land Area: 103.5340 hectares


  1. Boundaries:

North – Amburayan River

South – La Union

East – Amburayan River

West – Barangay Baritao & Barangay Pudoc East


  1. Population : 389 As of June, 2016

Male: 195

Female: 194

Families: 99


  1. IRA (As of 2016)                                                    1,046,520.00


  1. Income from Local Sources

E1. Share on Community Tax Certificate             4,500.00

E2. Share on Real Property Taxes                         2,400.00

E3. Barangay Clearance                                        1,400.00

E4. Provincial Aid                                                 1,000.00

E5. Municipal Aid                                                 1,000.00

TOTAL                                               10,300.00


  1. Source of Income of Residents


F1. Farming                             (Percentage) :         80%

F2. OFW                                   (Percentage) :         10%

F3. Tricycle Operators              (Percentage) :         5%

F4. Carpenters                         (Percentage) :         3%

F5. Teaching                            (Percentage) :         2%


  1. Fiesta Date: December 23, 2016


  1. Patron Saint: San Isidro



  1. Presence of Barangay Hall Existing


  1. Presence of Day Care Center Existing


  1. Presence of Health Center Existing


  1. Presence of Sports Center Existing


  1. Other Facilities:

L.1. Botika ng Barangay

L.2. Basketball Court

L.3. Tractor

L.4. Computer

L.5.Digital Camera

L.6. Grass Cutter

L.7. Water Pump

L.8. Laptop

L.9. Generator



  1. Products

Kalamansi. Corn, Vegetable, Fruits

Barangay Lantag was once a sitio of Barangay Baritao during the late 1920’s a very strong typhoon came to flooded Barangay Baritao, some of the Barangay Folks of Barangay Baritao were evacuated to the other Barangay’s and in the early days of 1936, the sitio Lantag was created as Barrio of Tagudin.


Why they name Lantag? According to some Barangay Folks and Historians, this Barangay derived its name from a tree called CALANTAS served as their shelter while thet are playing and pasturing Carabaos and cows, as the old folks says they also name KALANTAGAN, in later on become LANTAG.


So they registered as Barrio LANTAG and according to the early records shows that in these early days of local governance the head of government was the “TENIENTE DEL BARRIO” and the Barangay was known as the barrio, Lieutenant with the passage of General Order 43, was the name given to Barrio head man.


Barangay Lantag is located on the Southern part of the Municipality of Tagudin with a distance of 2.5 kilometer or just 15 to 29 minutes by walking. Barangay Lantag was bounded on the North and East by the Amburayan River beds. It also bounded on the west by Barangay Baritao and Pudoc East pon the South is Provincial Boundary of Ilocos Sur one can reach Barangay Lantag by riding a Tricycle or by walking.