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Barangay Officials

Chairman Claudio L. Leal, Sr.

Stanley C. Lazaga

Clarito M. Limon

Gerry Noel L. Lastimoza

Arnold L. Garcia

Ma. Asuncion L. Loria

Florencio L. Del Rosario

Alfredo D. Bumanlag

Secretary Teresa L. Mañosca
Treasurer Aurora R. Limon
Health workers
Nutritions scholar
Day Care worker



Total Population                     744

Male                                          359

Female                                      385

Total Number of families      211

Total Number of households        187



Land Area                                 54.4796 Hectares


North                                Cabulanglangan

South                                 Bio

East                                    Pula

West                                   Lacong

*Aside from the Barangay Day Care Center, there are no other schools in this Barangay.

*No churches and no hospitals

The word “CABAROAN “implies new from the Ilocano root word “BARO “. True to its name, it evolved to be one of the latest settlements in the history of Tagudin. The eastern and western parts of the Barangay are divided by a creek at its middle part with the former originally belonging to Barangay Ag-Aguman and Pula and the latter called sitio “BATBATO” were belonging to the northern Barangay of Cabulanglangan.


Most of its original inhabitants came from the Easternmost barrio of Ambalayat, such communities then dwelt by them fringed the adjoining CHICO and AMBURAYAN RIVERS. Afraid of floods perennially endangering their communities, a group of families decided to settle westward across the CHICO RIVER. There, they established a new community which the original settlers called CABAROAN in subsequent times to imply that they were in a new place.